Writers on History of Fiction/Fiction of HIstory

“The contours of the coming disaster expanded to include the deaths of all present.”
— George Saunders.  Tenth of December: Stories


“I believe the knowledge of the rules of living in our society makes us more comfortable…[although] some of the rudest and most objectionable people I have ever known have been technically the most correct.” Amy Vanderbilt 1952

“No Drink, No Piss. And don’t piss on my fucking steps. Go in…

from popmatters.com review of The Way We Sleep.

"By a wide margin, the best piece is Margaret Patton Chapman’s “Most of All I Wish I’d Said, If You Come Back, Don’t Come Back to Me”. Chapman’s story is built on a simple premise—ex-boyfriend dies, ex-boyfriend comes back as a ghost—but Chapman flies across the spectrum of emotions, from humility to ridiculousness before finally ending on the sublime. It’s the kind of short story that cements itself in your memory and alters your vision of the present, something only the best short fiction can do."